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The Girl with All the Gifts

The Girl with All the Gifts - M.R. Carey 4.5 Stars

+ Well written, clever, mostly no gimmicks (as in "Surprise! I forgot to tell you that Dany can survive being burned up and also knows how to breastfeed baby dragons.")
+ I'm not a "zombie" genre fan by ANY stretch, but I liked the well thought out science in this one. It was mostly believable.
+ The women (and girls) in this story are strong, intelligent, and capable (as are the men.)
+ The author manages to fit all the pieces together, and it makes for a satisfying ending.

- There was a handful of times when characters did something I absolutely didn't believe (approach a zombie pushing a baby carriage and reach in to pick up the blanket; set off a flare gun knowing what it would do; refuse to shoot attacking "children"; have a child catch a fox with her bare hands; etc.) If the author wants me to believe hooey like that, he'd better make sure he sets it up first.
- Mr. Carey writes well enough that he doesn't need extra dialogue tags, and yet he insists on using them (to my annoyance.) "Demands" is used 30 times in the book, and it's not needed once.
- I preferred my first person narration to be told in first person: "I" versus "He" or "She" (not 3rd person but sort of inside the character's head.)
- The title is terrible. No allure whatsoever.
- The cover art is boring. Yawn. Is this the best you can do?

Finally, I did listen to a bit of the audiobook version. I liked it a lot except for the British pronunciations of the words ending in "a" ("data" pronounced as "dater", etc.)

All in all: I would recommend the book to anyone who likes science-based dystopian fiction.